The Derby Depot Ultimate Beginner Skater Package

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We've had four years (or is it five?) of experience so we have tested products, been a rookie, and talked about the issues with buying our first lot of protective gear and skates. 

With that in mind we have built a custom package that will last beyond beginner skating and into your first scrimmage season. 

Knee/Elbow Pads RRP $145 - We don't use the 'basic' or 'sleeved' tri packs and recommend the 187 combo pack as their knee pads have more padding and will offer more support for all those knee taps and slides.

Wrist Guards RRP $45-$50 - Again we use 187 wrist guards. We interchange between the Derby and regular three strap depending on stock. For large hands, we recommend the three strap as the fit is more accommodating. 

Helmets RRP $65 - You'll be told that S1 is the best brand. Not that we don't agree, but there are other, more affordable helmets on the market that are also safety certified. We recommend TSG for this reason. If you are a new skater, get a new helmet. Don't use second hand and TSG is a good option without spending top dollar. 

Mouthguards RRP $45 - We only sell SISU. It has been the best product thus far. No gagging, and you can talk, drink and even snack with them in. Colour options depend on availability. Warning, white tarnishes. 

Skates RRP $185 - Our best selling skate and most universally comfortable is the Crazy Zoom. Similar to the SG Rebel but with no leather, a cheaper price tag and better plate (no more toe stop issues) this is our top pick. Some people do prefer the Bont Prostar but due to importation costs, we are no longer offering this as an option. 

We've chosen this package to minimise wait time for you to receive your gear. Packages should be received within one week of ordering (stock pending). If you want to make amendments or order alternative colours/brands then we can do so but expect delivery times to vary and costs to change. 

SAVINGS - If bought separately total = $490. Bought as a package saves you $90 


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