Red Pro ABEC7 7mm Bearings 627 x 16pk


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More 7mm bearings on sale. These are also from Bont but are their generic branded bearings. 

Quantity 16-Pack
Size 7mm


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    • I have the Bont FX1 wheels but the Bont Z889 bearings need replacing. From what I understand, they're mini bearings. I've been advised to get the Bones red bearings, will these fit?

      Mini bearings can only be replaced by something of the same size. Regular bearings (including Bones Reds) will be too large. If you look at your wheel hub and compare with a different wheel, you will see the sizing difference. I can sell you replacement mini bearings in two brands; Bont, and Powerslide. As they are not on the website, message or email us to order -

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