Bont Infinity Plate Details

The goal is to make this product indestructible and this is what we have changed:

1) The toe stop will be closer to the truck. 

2) We will have 2 mounting bolts in the front slider and the bolts will not be drilled so deep into the metal. This will strengthen the front slider and the 2nd mounting point will keep it locked solid in place.

3) The 2 nuts holding the slider onto the plate will be joined giving a much larger surface area grabbing on to the slider. 

4) The toe stop will be made larger. 

5) The carbon plate will have a part removed to accommodate the additional mounting screw on the front slider. 

All these changes have been tested and jumped on and we are very pleased with the results. We have started making the new parts and they will be ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks.