Bearing Cleaning Service

Now you can relax and let us do the work for you! Save money on replacing your bearings and treat them to some love and care from the experienced team at Derby Depot.

We use Better Bearings bearing wash and oil as we believe in supporting quality products made by derby skaters, for derby skaters. (We also sell these wonderful products!)

Simply fill in the form below. The price will be calculated from the number of bearings you enter. Click 'Submit Request' and and email should automatically generate which you just need to send.

Once we receive your order, an invoice will be emailed containing payment details and more information.

Our prices are:

$1.20 for each bearing
$16 for 16 bearings
$25 for 32 bearings

If for some reason the form doesn't generate an email, copy and paste the form information into an email and send it to


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