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About Us

Derby Depot was inspired by one skater's passion to develop the sport of RollerDerby within New Zealand.

Meet Celia (Crash Test Honey) known as 'Crash' by her league the Pirate City Rollers. She is the founder and director of Derby Depot. As Fresh Meat, Celia got tired of hearing the same old story when asking about what gear to buy. Always being told that choosing gear is a 'subjective' and 'personal' decision and having limited resources to buy different things she decided that there must be a better way.

Derby Depot was created as a way to get access to gear and to find a way to live and breathe RollerDerby.

Derby Depot aims to provide not only quality products (and excellent service) but we also want to develop a library of gear which we will bring to your league so that you can try what is out there and find the best gear to support your skating style. We are passionate about growing RollerDerby within New Zealand. Part of our mission is to educate and develop players as well as promote the sport.

We are a business starting from the ground up with a vision to continue growing and listening to what it is that you want. Some of the services we aim to provide are:

  • Selling on behalf locally made custom accessories
  • Travelling to you
  • Supplying affordable Fresh Meat packages/rentals/rent to buy options and offer skate fittings
  • Advertising all New Zealand Roller Derby games and events
  • Promoting product reviews written by you
  • Custom skate and special stock orders
  • Trade ins and reconditioned gear
  • A well stocked physical store

Thanks for visiting and please contact us if you are interested in any of the above (we will be making contact with you so we can promote your league events).


Derby Depot


P O Box 79-115
Royal Heights
Auckland 0614
New Zealand
027 351-1844



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